When speaking of Wonga we should point out something very important, and that is how fast they put the income in your account: 5 minutes (guaranteed). We are talking about a web of fast, small loans of up to 400 pounds which allows us to also pay our credit agreement within 30 days maximum. Click here to make your request in Wonga now. What differentiates this site from other online loans is that you are the one who dictates the amount you need to pay and how many days you want to return it. No need to be within 30 days exactly but you can decide if you want to return it in 20 days, 10 or in two days.

In your request please specify the repayment period that best suits your needs and instantly see the interest rate that you will choose for your credit when you apply online. Also if you make a loan and you are already a customer you can even order up to 1000 pounds on your next Wonga credit. To apply for loan access the web from the image below:


Like the rest, it has got quick and easy credit application forms. With an innovative and very visual website you can access a loan of up to 400 knowing at all times the interest you will pay for it. Once you have accepted the terms and conditions thereof they will only have to add your personal information and you will then have to wait for a response. If everything is correct in under 15 minutes you will finish the whole process and you will have the money in your bank account.

Wonga is an online finance company based in London and has been operating since 2007, when it was appointed as the Number 1 company by Sunday Times in their ranking. It has also won several awards for the way that they have brought the world of finance and lending to people

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