Payday loans no credit check

To apply for a loan, for only a few days and of a small amount, there is usually no credit check requested or any need for paperwork. Applying online is the only way to go!

They are usually small loans of £50 to £500 granted instantly in minutes via the Internet. Although there are some higher amounts available.
The list of lenders who give credits and that can be ordered immediately with no credit check in UK is the following, choose the option that suits you best:

     Kwik PayDay: small instant loans from £80 to £400
     PayDay Bank: small instant loans from £100 to £750
     QuickQuid: £100 to £1.000 loan, return 30,60 or 90 days
     Frodo Flexi Loan: loans from £1.000 to £10.000

The only requirement to give you the money is to be over 18 and to not appear in lists of EQUIFAX defaults. You simply fill out the application on the website of the chosen option and in about 10 minutes you will have the money in your checking account.

Remember: To qualify for a payday loan no credit check, you should:
- Be a legal resident of the UK
- Be at least 18 years of age
- Be currently employed or have a regular source of income
- Have a valid bank account with direct deposit
If you meet these preliminary requirements, you will receive instant approval. Quick, easy, now!

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