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First of all: you need to know that a credit score is a tool used by a lender to help determine whether your qualify for a loan, credit service or credit card. Before applying for a loan it's important to know and understand your credit report. Your credit report is used by different lenders and other business and it's based on information in your credit file. Reefused or worried about credit? Don't worry, Equifax offers a 30 day free subscription on the website for you to help you check your credit score. After this free trial you can continue with your subscription or just cancel it.

As most of lender business, Equifax will ask you some questions to prove you are who you say you are, such as your motgage details, credit and store card, mobile phones, leases, ect. After that they will purchase your credit report as quick and easy as possible.

Knowing your credit score helps the lenders to know about you and your credit situation. So credit is the reputation for repaying debts on time. The better your credit, more easy for companies and people will be to lend you money, issue a credit card, hire you, etc.

If you want to check your free credit report just click on image below:


The characteristics of the 30 days free trial are:

  • No obligation 30 day FREE trial
    Unlimited, easy online access to your latest credit report
    Unlimited access to your latest credit score
    Weekly alerts of any significant changes to your credit file
    Internet ID Surveillance with WebDetect
    Expert tips to help you understand your credit report and score
    24hr Online dispute facility to help you correct any errors quickly and simply
    Support 7 days a week

Equifax is one of the main credit reference agencies in the UK and the world's major developed countries. A global leader in information solutions, advanced analytics and technology that enrich the lives of consumers and businesses.

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