£500 - £1000 Loans

These type of loans are usually granted quickly to meet specific needs of small amounts of money. Although many of them are for a few days others allow repayment for up to 12 months. The usual requirements to apply for these loans are to be over 18 and to have a job.

There are several companies that grant credit for up to 1000 without questions or need of any type of paperwork. You simply need to fill out the application and you will then get quick loans in less than an hour.
There are many options to get this loans fast in UK and they are the the following (Click on any of the following ones of which you want further information or you want to apply online with them):

    MyPayDay: quick loans from £80 to £1.200
    Vanquis Bank: from £150 to £3.000
    PayDay UK : same day loans from £100 to £1.000
    QuickQuid: £100 to £1.000 loan, return 30, 60 or 90 days
    PayDay Bank: small instant loans from £100 to £750.

The handling is very simple, just fill out the form on the lender of your choice and in a few minutes you get the answer for the request. In most cases the operation doesn't need credit check, you just have to be employed.
Once you have been awarded the first payday loan, and we are already customers of that lender, the next credit requests will be automatic.

In this type of operation, the short term interest rate is usually quite high. Normally, the interest payable is £25 per £100 borrowed, but if the time is more than 30 days the interest is lower.

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