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There are times when your salary is insufficient to cover all the expenses that will come up, either by the purchase of a car, to pay expenses for hospitalization or even for expenses of your children. In this case the amount of money you want to request might be higher than normal cash. So you will need a loan with a higher amount, or you just get a loan for 12 months for more comfort.

In this case you can apply for a cash advance with credit to 12 months pay in easy installments for a year. This way you can have a cash advance on your salary and meet the payment of what you need, without bank guarantees, without question or cumbersome paperwork.

As in the rest of fast loans only we will consider you to be a resident of UK, you need to have a paid job and a bank account to make the bank transfer.

Lenders to which you can apply for these 12 months loans online in UK are the following. (Click on the ones you like for further information or to make your request):

     ILoans: loans from £80 to £1.000
     12 Months Loans: quick loans from £100 to £2.500

When requesting your credit fast with monthly payment we will not consider any kind of endorsement or bank statements, spare us the details of your application, that you are an adult and that you can prove that you have income in the form you have to fill in.

If you need money urgently and you want to get it simple and quick then do not hesitate, we can give you all the information about the best ways to get a loan to 12 months


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