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A payday loan or a quick loan for bad credit is a short term loan designed to keep your finance afloat until you receive your monthly salary. You usually have the option to borrow between 80 and 1,000. The idea is that you pay off the debt as soon as your monthly salary is paid.

You can get no credit cheque loan payday loans. For that reason it's quite fast and easy and you can pay your loan on your next payday.

There are many sites out there offering the service "UK Payday Loans". Be aware the majority of these are not direct lenders or loan companies. On our website you can compare payday loans online from all new payday UK loans lenders. Some of them:

     Cash Lady: instant loans from £80 to £300
     MyPayDay: quick loans from £80 to £1.200
     Vanquis: credit from £1.000 to £3.000
     QuickQuid: £100 to £1.000 loan, return 30,60 or 90 days

All you need is to be employed. You also need to be a permanent resident in the United Kingdom and also have a bank account in the UK. Loans are only available to over 18's and are subject to status.

You do not have to fax any documents, but you will have to provide information about where you live, work and what you are your monthly earnings, so lenders can assess you on how much they can borrow for you.

Quick cash loans are available in only a few minutes from our lender associates.

Note: Be careful, you shouldn't need to pay for financial advice, avoid any services that ask for payment in advance or claim to be able to solve your debts for a fee. For more information we suggest looking at the Citizens Advice Bureau or the Government debt advice site.

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